CQuest CNS – the Highest Performance at the Lowest Cost

CNS blue
CQuest CNS

CQuest CNS can deliver better, safer and more sustainable energy storage.

CQuest CNS are interconnected graphene-like 2D carbon nanosheets synthesized from renewable bio-precursors such as hemp fiber, peanut shells, eggs, and other agricultural products and waste materials. Developed by Dr. David Mitlin of Clarkson University through a patented process, these bio-derived carbon nanosheets (CNS) have demonstrated outstanding properties for applications in energy storage and beyond. Compared with graphene, graphite and other activated carbons, CNS show superior performance and capability at a fraction of the cost. Simple, safe and inexpensive, CNS production can be readily scaled for commercial use. Their light weight, high surface area and ultra-high capacity, when used for electrodes in batteries and supercapacitors, have significant potential to make next-generation storage devices possible. With higher energy and faster charge rates, CNS can have a major impact on the future of renewable energy and energy storage. Additional applications could range from water treatment and gas separation to composite materials and toxic spill remediation.