Founded in March 2015, CQuest Partners has joined with David Mitlin to commercialize CQuest CNS as a next-generation, renewable energy storage technology for fuel cells, supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries and beyond. Having recently acquired the exclusive license from the University of Alberta, where Dr. Mitlin and his team developed the technology, CQuest Partners is currently in the process of raising capital for building out its R&D and pilot production facility in the vicinity of Albany, NY. Plans are to develop these new materials and energy storage device prototypes for licensing to industry leaders and developers for use in a broad range of applications. CQuest Partners will be pursuing a pipeline of related IP to broaden the scope of the carbon nanosheet technology.

Market potential for CNS is enormous. Energy storage is increasingly crucial to industries including electronics, utilities, transit, military, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, medicine, real estate and more. With applications for batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and hybrid devices of all sizes, CNS are perfectly suited to satisfy the demands of an industry that is aggressively pursuing designs and materials that improve performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding market. Potential partnerships and licensing to dozens of already interested companies present the opportunity to take the energy storage industry to new levels of capability and sustainability and provide greater accessibility to clean energy for the global community.